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James Rogers (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:29:18 -0500 (CDT) At 04:06 PM 7/17/98 -0400, Mr. Johnston wrote:
>On 17 Jul 98, at 12:21, `ki wrote:
>> Ahhh, "Murder, She Wrote". Never could understand why people like those
>> types. They are all the same. *confusion*
>> ::This list, by the way, is a no-cozy zone, in case you didn't know. If
>> ::you've grown addicted to them and want to get the monkey off your
>> ::back, one each of Hammett, Chandler, Spillane, Thompson, Willeford,
>> ::Ellroy and Cain should do it.
>> Nope, never liked 'em. But I will take your recommendations seriously!
>I started wondering... Is Ellery Queen a kind of cozy? Is Nero Wolfe is
>Joseph M. Johnston, Ph.D.

In my opinion, yes, definitively cozy. Marlowe and Hammer
don't spend their days worrying over cross-pollinating their orchids and
ordering some weird-ass omelette from their on-premises Chef. And didn't
Hammett come up with that phrase "Would you be so good as to explain your
sex life, Mr. Queen, if any?"

James Michael Rogers

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