RARA-AVIS: Comments from Betsy Willeford

William Denton (buff@vex.net)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 19:10:38 -0400 (EDT) Betsy Willeford, Charles Willeford's widow, was browsing over the list
archives and noticed where I asked why Figueras didn't suspect that
Debierue was a fraud. She said:

| I proofread the copy as well as the galleys, and asked Charles lots
| of questions, but never asked about Figueras's assumption. He's so
| deep in art criticism that he can't imagine a total bluff. And, he's
| so ambitious and sees a chance to become a major art critic with his
| Debierue article, that he'd deny it if the thought crossed his
| mind. Something there about the synergy between, or the
| co-dependency between, or the incestuous relationship of, artist and
| critic, or so I'd always assumed.

About _Grimhaven_, she said:

| It wasn't Charles's wish to have that published, and it's not my
| intention to publish it.... Grimhaven is as bleak as it sounds, but
| was written with the sole purpose of getting out of his St. Martin's
| contract. They wanted him to do a series with Hoke and Charles
| wasn't the type of writer who wanted to get snarled up with all a
| series implies about static situations and characters. And each Hoke
| novel IS different, Hoke has been changed by experience, he's got
| different problems and different surrounds.

So that's why it won't be published.


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