Re: RARA-AVIS: Short administrative note.

Teresa Cecchetti (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 13:20:52 -0400 Hi all,
First time post to this group. I'm enjoying 'It's Not a Pretty Sight' right
now and looking forward to joining your conversations.
A question:
Why the name rara-avis? My daughter has been to (and is about to go
again) to a resort in Costa Rica called Rara-avis, no electricity, no roads, you
must get in by train and mule. Is there a connection between the place in Costa
Rica and the name of your group?
I've been following the conversation that drifted into the subject of
Japanese interment. A good book that has a hardboiled protagonist journalist who
does investigate the crime, is 'Snow on Cedars' about the Japanese in the
northwest US and the aftermath of interment. Another book, not hardboiled, is
'Obassan' about the Canadian Japanese.

William Denton wrote:

> People,
> Please remember this is a no-flame list. They are just not allowed.
> I don't want to see any personal attacks.
> Also, let's remember that the original question that caused the recent
> flurry of longer-than-usual messages was about Mickey Spillane and
> communism, not American politics in general (which is of little
> interest to anyone outside the US, and usually has little relation to
> the hardboiled).
> Just keeping the peace.
> Bill, who's reading Lawrence Block's _Out on the Cutting Edge_
> --
> William Denton | Toronto, Canada | | Caveat lector.
> "Let's keep the party polite."
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