RARA-AVIS: godless communism and Mike The Hammer of God

Frederick Zackel (fzackel@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 09:52:38 -0400 (EDT) In its most virulent stages, anti-communism saw communism as a false
religion and thus attacked it with the same religious zealotry that we see
in Timothy McViegh (sp?), in the Taliban, in the American-Israeli
physician who shot up the mosque some years back in Hebron, in John Brown
of Harper's ferry, in the Spanish inquisition, in the burning of witches
in Protestant Europe, in the persecution of the Huegonauts (damn, my
spelling sucks this morning!)....in short, Mike Hammer hits the commie
nails on the head.

The most powerful force in the history of humanity is Abraham's
Juggernaut, the tidal wave of monotheism that got its start on Mount
Moriah, where Abraham sought to sacrifice his son. (Isaac in the
Judeo-Christian tradition, Ishmael in the Islamic.) Right now, roughly
one-half of the population of this planet belongs to one of those three
religions. And the Sons of Abraham (as I like calling them) are the most
virulent of the zealots.

The most powerful commandment is the first: I am the Lord thy god; thou
shalt have no strange gods before me. Mike Hammer could have fought on
either side in the Crusades. He could have sat alongside Queen Isabella
when she kicked the Jews out of Spain in 1492 (they had to leave on the
same day Chris set sail.) Mike could have been a Gestapo agent in the
Warsaw ghetto. He could have fought alongside Pizarro and Cortez and all
the butchers of the New World. He could have fought with the US Army--
perhaps not at Wounded Knee, but certainly in one of the other religious
wars we fought against the Native Americans. All he would have needed is
a motive. "Oh, they're godless communists!"

He would have licked his lips and walked in, grinning.

Oh, isn't that Mike right now on CNN? Isn't he one of the Orangemen? Or
is he a member of the IRA?

PS. Just to keep the flames roiling, consider that when Yahweh spoke to
Abraham, He said, Don't sacrifice your sons for religions.

(You guys have been too staid too long.)

Frederick Zackel

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