Re: RARA-AVIS: Dark City/Mildred Pierce?/Spillane

Mario Taboada (
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 01:34:53 +0000 <<I feel exactly the same way about Mildred Pierce and I likewise have
never seen the movie. I read it over ten years ago as part of a Cain
omnibus with "Double Indemnity" and "Postman", and I could never figure
out why it was compiled with those two obviously hard-boiled stories. >>

Indeed, Mildred Pierce is pure melodrama. Not a bad book as I recall,
but slow moving. The one that is really awful as well as very
melodramatic is "Love's Lovely Counterfeit", a 1942 Cain effort that
does have a strong hardboiled component. No matter, the book is
virtually unreadable, as infantile and badly written as anything by


Mario Taboada
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