RARA-AVIS: Spillane - what's up with that?

Wed, 8 Jul 1998 13:01:50 -0400 OK, let me say first off - first time caller (oooooh, hi Matthew).

Second, when I first read Spillane, growing up in the 80s, he seemed like
the most vibrant, gritty, fleshy author I had ever read in my life. As my
adolescence fades, I have re-read all major works and I am still mightily
impressed. There's something about his writing style that grabs you by
the throat and doesn't let you go.

I have to ask, (since I am not familiar with the times), just how crucial
were the McCarthy years for the US and communism? I cannot get
over reading the one with the Green Cards how much hatred burns in
the pages of this novel.

Sorry, I have to know - was there something about communism that sparked
this in all of society in general in those days, or did Mickey Spillane
some personal vengeance?


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