RARA-AVIS: OT (sort of): Happy Trails

James & Livia Reasoner (liviajames@itexas.net)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:15:00 -0500 Well, I can't let the death of Roy Rogers pass without saying something
about it. I grew up in the Fifties watching him on television, and I
watched all the movies again a few years ago and enjoyed them even more.
Many of the later ones directed by William Witney even approach hardboiled
status (what villain could be more hardboiled than Roy Barcroft?) and some
of them were written by John K. Butler, who wrote a lot of stories for the
mystery pulps. I know there's a Butler story in Goulart's _The Hardboiled
Dicks_, and there may be some in other anthologies.

I think it says a lot about Roy that he was just about the only one of the
singing cowboys who was liked and respected by the stuntmen -- and they
were a pretty hardboiled bunch, too!

Still not really on-topic . . . but damn it, I liked Roy.

James Reasoner
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