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> And a question about Willeford--I haven't read Burnt Orange Heresy
> but I have read Shark-Infested Custard. The main characters are
> four guys who can compile a list of why sheep are better than women
> in the time it takes them to crack open a beer. Is this attitude
> peculiar to:
> --Willeford?

No, its my experience that a lot of men wouldn't need that much time
to compile the list. having read a lot ot Willeford he was taking the
piss - definately. He knew about men and described those situations
brilliantly. They are real. I don't think he was comenting - just
showing you. On the men front try "The Woman Chaser" (aka "The
Director) or the 'famous' bottom spanking scene in "Wild Wives". I
think Willerford was much nearer to describing his own view if men in
the character of Hoke Mosley.

> --bachelor guys in the early seventies?
Are there any of these guy's left? Would they own uo to it?

> --these particular characters?
As I've said, Willerford is describing something universal - sad,yes
but true. You'll find them all over the place though not many
described them as well as Willerford.

> I'm not saying the book was bad or that Willeford is a bad writer--
> on the contrary, the characters were very effective, and their
> self-destruction, or maybe devolution, held my attention like a
> train wreck. I'd just like to know what to expect from another
> one of Willeford's books.

try the whole hoke in order and especailly vis-a-vis this point the
ending to ""The Way We Die now". might, just might, redeam

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