RARA-AVIS: willeford

Peter Vinet (pevinet@total.net)
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:08:50 -0400 >Which Stark novel, and what was the film called? Also, which of
>Thompson's books have become movies, and under what titles? Thanks.

Actually, I was wrong about the Stark adaptation. Godard film, "Bande a
Part" or Band of Outsiders (Tarantino named his company after the film) was
based on a novel by D.B. Hitchens, Fool's Gold, which I am not familiar
with. It's a great film however. Available from Hen's Tooth video.

Of the Thompson novels made into films:
Coup de Torchon
Killer Inside me (Stacy Keech stars)
Getaway(2 versions)
Also an apparently good one based on The Blow out, or is it The Big Blow
Those are the ones I can think of.


>: Has anyone read Herron's biography "Willeford"? Is it recomended?
>There's been some talk on the list - check the February 1998 archives.
>I'd recommend it, certainly, but there are better books about
>Willeford to be written. Herron heisenbergs all over the book, which
>I found off-putting. I think generally people thought it was a lot
>better than nothing.

Thanks Bill. I looked in the Feb 98 archive. Didn't see any reference

>: I'd like to read some of Willeford's short stories. Is there any
>: source for these?
>Dennis McMillan (publisher of _Willeford_) still has _Everybody's
>Metamorphosis_ in print, I think, and you may be able to scrounge up a
>copy of _The Machine in Ward Eleven_ for not too much if you look
>around. Those are the only easy sources I know.

Thanks for the tip

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