RE: RARA-AVIS: Burnt Orange

Mark Sullivan (
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 00:25:18 -0400 (EDT) The Parker novel was "The Jugger." Godard called it "Made in the USA";
it was one of his mid-to-late 60s films. I've never seen it, though.

I can't seem to find my copy at the moment, but in 1984 (I think
Novemeber, but maybe October), Film Comment published an issue with a
center section on hardboiled film. Among others, it contained sections
on Thompson and Marc Behm, including movies based on their novels and
their own screenplays, complete with short filmographies. Of course,
since this was long before the Thompson revival it misses a lot of
movies, including After Dark My Sweet, Grifters, etc.

Is 1000 Guns the European title of Pop. 1280? I thought that was the
book Coup de Torchon was based on. Also, I have read of a Thompson
adaptation called Serie Noire after Gallimard's imprint. Is it based on
Hell of a Woman or is there another version of that book? And are these
available in the States (with subtitles)?


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