Re:RARA-AVIS:Burnt Orange Availability?

Maki Nakada (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 06:21:59 +0900 (JST) Dear seachers for a rara-avis:

Although having been subscribing more than one year,
this is my firtst post to RARA-AVIS mainly because of
my lack of English writing ability.
But this week, I've expcted to read lively discussions
about THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY. Chales Willevord is
one of my favorite great writers and I believe THE BURNT
ORANGE HERESY is his masterpiece. I was astonished
that many suscriberes hadn't been able to get the copy
in the U.S. Even in Japan, some people are crazy for
Willeford. I really hope many of you can get the book
and start discussions, and long for learning about him
and his books even though I've already read many post
talking about him.

Maki Nakada (from Tokyo)

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