RARA-AVIS: K. C. Constantine

John Woolley (jwoolley@dna420.dna.mci.com)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:56:01 -0700 (MST) K. C. Constantine has been mentioned so favourably and so often,
that I thought I'd try one of his books; so I recently picked
up the first Mario Balzic book, "The Rocksburg Railroad Murders",
and was very disappointed. Not much mystery, not much surprise,
not much hard-boiledness; lots of niceness; *lots* of talk
about How Things Ought To Be. Kind of ... cosy.

Now, maybe I'm just not tuned in to this guy's style, and I
should spend my time on other writers. But it occurs to me
that maybe this first book isn't typical of the series, and I
should brave ahead. So tell me, Constantine fans, does the
series change? Does it get more like Chandler, Cain, Willeford,
Jim Thompson, James Lee Burke -- harder-edged, desperate,
disillusioned, all that cool stuff? Or is "The Rocksburg
Railroad Murders" pretty typical?

-- Fr. John Woolley (John.Woolley@MCI.com)

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