RARA-AVIS: K.C Constantine

James Stephenson (James_E_Stephenson@umail.umd.edu)
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 08:23:23 -0500 > <<..because I was also going to post a question along the lines of who
> is K.C Constantine? - the name being a pseudonym.>>
> Nobody knows. Some people thought that Constantine was James Crumley
> (there *are* quite a few similarities, especially in dialogue), but
> there is no truth to it. I have heard speculation on Constantine's
> "true" identity ranging widely, to the point of considering John Updike
> as a suspect. But nothing has ever been substantiated.

Unless he's mistaken, Hubin revealed Constantine's identity in _Crime
fiction II_ years ago. His real name is Carl Kosak, and he was born
about 1934. Why can't we accept this as fact? Why does Constantine have
to be somebody famous in disguise?

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