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Reed Andrus (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:29:52 -0800 Of the Ellroy novels for consideration, I'd go with any or all of his LA
series rather than the Lloyd Hopkins stuff. While I like all of his
works, THE BLACK DAHLIA and LA CONFIDENTIAL really caught me. The latter
should have won an Oscar for the film version.

...Reed Andrus <>

Bill Hagen wrote:
> Three names:
> I was surprised to see William Faulkner's name as a nominee for the reading
> list. Opens a side question of whether what's been called "Southern
> Gothic," set typically in small towns and country, is in "our field." If
> so, should we consider folks like Erskine Caldwell and Flannery O'Connor?
> Graham Greene is a different case. His "Brighton Rock" (1938) probably
> ought to be included. It is a stunning piece of noir that anticipated (and
> influenced?) much that followed. I think it's a more accomplished fiction
> than "The Third Man," which may have been the other title in mind. For
> getting inside characters that make the reader feel profoundly
> uncomfortable, Greene has few peers.
> Finally, with all the Ellroy fans on the list, why not include one of his?
> Many of us are interested, but have not yet taken the plunge. The title
> should probably be left to those who know his work--maybe it's a question
> of which title you Ellroy fans would be willing to reread.
> Bill Hagen
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