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Peter Walker (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:42:04 +0000 Thats amazing - there I was reading "Joey's Case" by K.C. Constantine
and thinking about posting something along the lines of "an American
great who is neglegted?" or "is this one of the best series reads
around?" and this pops up from Mario Taboada as a reading suggestion:
>*K.C. Constantine: "Joey's Case" (for example - I pick this one because
>it it particularly hardboiled and even more spectacular than his other
..and then this pops up as well...
>Mario Taboada (whom some absurd internet character keeps accusing, in
>rather crude terms, of really being K.C. Constantine - I hope this
>person is not in this list!)
..because I was also going to post a question along the lines of who is
K.C Constantine? - the name being a pseudonym.
so I vote for K.C. as well as Jon Jackson's excellent Fang Mulhiesen
Another great read.
Anybody intersted in Jerome Chayrn's Issac Siddel books - say "Blue
Eyes" or "The Good Policeman"? Now there is another truely great series
that seems to be neglegted these days. Great and truely original.
Think of the discussion - compare and contrast Mario Balzic and Issac
Sidel - now that would be interesting.
Peter Walker
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