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>Subject: RARA-AVIS: Future books to read
>Barring that, any other suggestions? Johnathan Latimer? Richard
>S. Prather? Maybe something hardboiled but not a mystery? O'Brien's
>"Checklist" in _Hardboiled America_ (which I have up at
><URL:> lists
>some books by James T. Farrell, John dos Passos and even Faulkner and
>Graham Greene. I don't want to try Faulkner, but if people see
>something on there that looks interesting then we might as well give

Two Faulkner titles, Light in August and Sanctuary are both pretty easy
reads. Sancutary was a page-turner in it's day, designed to make money.
Light in August is more "literary" but still a good read.

What about John MacDonald's The Good Old Stuff and More Good Old Stuff?
Two short story collections of his pulp material with a fairly HB slant.

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