Re: RARA-AVIS: greetings and suggested books

Anthony Smith (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:56:34 -0600 > evening, i'm ziggy nix and new to the list. i probably will
> not be reading everything with ya'll cause i'm in english
> grad school and really do not have the time until the summer.
> i'm taking a course in hardboiled fiction next semester and i
> thought you kiddos would be interested in seeing what we're
> reading. on the idea of books to read, i highly suggest Horce
> McKoy's "They Shoot Horses Don't They", it's a great book
> and one of my favorites. well i look forward to the messages...

I'm in the same grad school boat, but read the heck out of everything
anyway. Nice to have you around. A class on hardboiled fiction? Where is
this? While I am glad to see the genre get some academic notice,
personally, it would seem to take the fun out of it. I've seen many of my
college lit courses drain all the wonder out of great books in order to
discuss critical theory (the Horror!), but it's "necessary" I suppose.

Anthony Smith
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