RARA-AVIS: Reading suggestions

Mario Taboada (matrxtech@sprintmail.com)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:50:03 +0000 Some titles that are easily available:

*Elmore Leonard: "Freaky Deaky" (for example)

*Charles Willeford: "Miami Blues" ("The Shark-Infested Custard" or "The
Burnt Orange Heresy" would be great for a non-mystery)

*James Lee Burke ("Black Cherry Blues" or "The Lost Get Back Boogie",
the latter recently reissued in mass paperback, thus cheap and widely
available. A hardboiled non-mystery.)

*Jon Jackson (whatever is widely available, or simply available; I don't
know how he has fared with the buying public)

*K.C. Constantine: "Joey's Case" (for example - I pick this one because
it it particularly hardboiled and even more spectacular than his other

By the way, a number of Latimer novels have been reissued by
International Polygonics and are available. Also, No Exit Press has
reissued his works.

Regards, and excuse yet another list. The list is quiet, so a little
noise won't wake up the fedoras and fedorettes (polka-dot boleros?).


Mario Taboada (whom some absurd internet character keeps accusing, in
rather crude terms, of really being K.C. Constantine - I hope this
person is not in this list!)
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