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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@total.net)
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 11:10:17 -0500 > While cleaning some bookshelves, I came upon two Private Eye Writers of
>America anthologies. The first is The Eyes Have It; the second Mean Streets.
>Both were edited by Robert J. Randisi and published by the Mysterious Press.
>Does anyone know if any further volumes were published ?

There was also An Eye for Justice (1988) and Justice for Hire (1990). Then,
I guess Randisi figured out most of the mystery-buying public was women, so
he co-edited two PWA/Sisters in Crime collaborations, Deadly Allies (1992),
and Deadly Allies II (1994), featuring the usual gang of suspects. Lately,
he's done Lethal Ladies (1996) and Lethal Ladies II (just out!), both
featuring mostly female PI's. Seems every two years he comes out with an
anthology of original stories.

>AHMM, EQMM, Playboy, MHClark MM, Hardboiled, New Mystery, a small one
>called Over My Dead Body, and several online (newest one called Blue Murder
>at www.bluemurder.com)
>British: Shots (formerly Shot in the Dark), and I've heard of another one
>but the name slips my mind.
>I think the New Mystery website has gone missing. Anybody know for sure?

Thanks for the list, Anthony. I'm not sure, but last time I visited New
Mystery I gave up in frustration. It seems like it took forever to
download. If I hadn't disconnected I'd probably still be downloading it.

>Loved _Rage In Harlem_!! What's next on the list Bill?

Wait! Don't give up on discussing it. I've found a copy! And to whet your
whistle, since we seem to be into the black side of hardboiled, what with
Himes and Mosley on the reading list, what do you folks think of Gar
Haywood's Aaron Gunner? I think it's a shame he's been overshadowed by
Mosley lately. I'm looking forward to reading Harlem--I recently read Ed
Lacy's two Toussaint Moore books, and I'll be anxious to compare another
take on black detectives from the same era.

But I digress...

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