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Anthony Smith (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 12:12:05 -0600 > Hit man is a series of interconnected short stories featuring Keller, a
> contract killer.
> A definite recommended read
>David Hollander

This is good to know, since I just ordered it. I think the idea of
interelated stories is an interesting one that I would like to see more
crime writers try, in order to grow the market for crime short stories. It
never seems big enough. (Additional note: I was VERY glad to see the Best
American Mystery Stories anthology begin.) As a creative writing grad
student, I see quite a few fellow writers trying interelated short stories
on literary subjects (ie, not much happ'nin'.), but I am much more excited
about seeing it done in crime. But to me, it comes down to the characters
rather than genre, anyway. And I like to see stuff happen. Not just
precious, self-conscious whining about relationships gone wrong.

As for where fans can find consistent crime shorts, I can name about seven
American markets, maybe two British. For literary stuff, about 200 various
journals. Little off balance? Isn't there enough new crime writing to
support a few more journals?

Anthony Smith
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