RARA-AVIS: The Maltese Falcon: 'stuss games'

E J M Duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 11:26:39 -0800 Rara-avians, Kathy,=20

Can anyone help---(I'm sure this has come up before but I can't find it
in the rara-avis archives)---I've been asked what are the 'stuss games'
Polhaus refers to in his resume of Thursby's career:

"Well, he was a St. Louis gunman the first we hear of him.=20
He was picked up a lot of times back there for this and that,=20
but he belonged to the Egan mob, so nothing much was ever done=20
about any of it. I don't know howcome he left that shelter, but=20
they got him once in New York for knocking over a row of=20
stuss-games=97his twist turned him up=97and he was in a year before=20
Fallon got him sprung." (Modern Library Edition, p.72)=20

Advice appreciated,

Eddie Duggan
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