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Mari Hall (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 08:43:31 -0600 Frank D wrote:
> Hi, Gang,
> Since Bill Denton saw fit to admit that he hadn't gotten to the Chester
> Himes book yet because of other reading, I thought I'd chime in.

Mee, too, since I am reading Michael Connelley's BLOOD WORK right now
and had two others to read when I got back from Left Coast.

> Terrill Lankford: We did meet.....sort of. I was the old duffer who > Did someone lift your books that were on display?

I lifted those books, they were mine. I just happened to have them in
the "signing" bag and personally think it is awful that no one displays
the latest books for authors, so I put them up there when he was talking
about the "naked lady on the cover of Shooters". OTOH, wasn't that a
strange mix of folks for panels: Erotica, Terrill Lankford (you'd expect
him to be there); Val McDermid (well, not exactly) and Gillian Roberts
and Sharan Newman (two of the most least erotica folks you ever
met--look in the dictionary under "lady" and right beside Rochelle Krish
you see Sharan Newman).

> that came close to hardboiled, the Chandler and the erotic in hardboiled novels.

Yes, the Chandler panel was so good and informative. S

I enjoy this discussion group immensely. Thanks to all who participate.


whose DOROTHYL nom is Kate Warne the ex-Pinkerton in
The Woman With the Rose Tattoo by Mari Hall
See y'all at Left Coast Crime 8--been there done that back too soon
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