Re: RARA-AVIS: Automated reminder about The Readings

Mari Hall (
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 08:42:41 -0600 William Denton wrote:
> This is an automated reminder about The Readings.

Seeing this post reminds me that someone told me Always Outnumbered,
Always Outgunned ( or whatever) by Mosley will be on HBO this month??? I
don't get HBO so BOLO.
I hope Bob Skinner will enter into the discussion on Chester Himes,
since he wrote a book about him and is a librarian at Xaxier University
in New Orleans (which was originally an all-black college there).
(Skinner has recently written the Wes Ferrell books of New Orleans in
the '30's Cat-Eyed Trouble is the most recent)

whose DOROTHYL nom is Kate Warne the ex-Pinkerton in
The Woman With the Rose Tattoo by Mari Hall
See y'all at Left Coast Crime 8--been there done that back too soon
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