RARA-AVIS: humor

Tue, 3 Mar 1998 17:58:27 -0500 I'm one step behind.

Briefly, on humor: From the late 70s to 1980, someone named Ross H.
Spencer (a pseudonym) published a series of way over the top, surreal
hardboiled parodies (PBOs). All three (?) books are written in
one-sentence paragraphs. Here's a selection:

Headlights groped yellowly through the tentacled night and sirens
wailed like lost souls.
There was plenty of atmosphere but it was worthless.
Foggy nights don't matter much anymore.
It used to be you couldn't have a foggy night without a whole bunch of
vampires and werewolves piling out of old castles and caves and starting
a class AAA diarrhea epeidemic.

Does anyone know these books and who wrote them?
Any last thoughts on Highsmith? I finished Talented a few days ago, and
will try to post final reflections in a day or two.

>Doug Levin
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