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Mari Hall (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 11:30:11 -0600 Rick Robinson wrote:
> Mari Hall, Frank Denton and I were in San Diego, attending Left Coast
> Crime 8.

Yeah, we were; it was great! The panel on Raymond Chadler was -fab-,
just -fab- But Rick and I attended the Erotica panel the day before.
W.C. Fields said something about not working with kids and animals, but
then he never met Val McDermid (what she -didn't- say was fab, also).=20
I thought the most interesting thing about the Chandler panel was the
statement by Bob Wade--'you can't outline Chandler'. He told the story
about the screen-play (Faulkner was one) writers who were adapting
something (Farewell My Lovely???) and they got to the end and looked at
each other and said "well, who shot the chauffeaur [duh, Mari, driver]
??" and realized he had a "plot line he didn't tie up". This is what I
couldn't vocalize about why I like hard-boiled rather than "cozy". You
can outline Agatha Crhistie, but you can't outline Chandler.=20


> There was also a lot of energy being displayed about Connelly=92s lates=
> Blood Work, which was selling like the proverbial hot cake. I=92ll be

I started it on the way home (after I read THE FOX AND THE PUSSYCAT--a
serial killer Aunt Deminty--by Barbara Sohmers). I like the way it
starts and you're pretty quickly into the story.

I think another point by the Chandler panel is that "you don't know much
about Marlowe's background" in other words, you don't have somebody
looking for his mother's killer (Elroy???) it's in the present (no back
story to fool with) you tells your story and you gets out.=20

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The Woman With the Rose Tattoo by Mari Hall
See y'all at Left Coast Crime 8--been there, done that
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