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Tue, 3 Mar 1998 12:11:22 -0500 (EST) On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Rick Robinson wrote:

: Connelly talked for some time about the influence Chandler had on
: him and the way Chndler defined character and place, but most of all
: for the unique voice Chandler's works have.

That's interesting. I don't see much of that in Connelly's books, he
seems to draw mostly on his experience as a reporter. The Bosch books
are all in the third person, and it's rare the reader is told in much
detail what he's thinking, unless he says it. He seems to draw more
from Ellroy than from Chandler.

: There was also a lot of energy being displayed about Connelly's
: latest, Blood Work, which was selling like the proverbial hot
: cake. I'll be interested in hearing opinions of it once people on
: this list have read it. I couldn't get through Concrete Blond so I
: haven't tried any more Connelly but the buzz is he's in the very top
: rank of authors currently writing crime fiction.

He really seems to have exploded right up there lately. I've read
_The Poet_ and the first three Bosch books, and I think _The Poet_ and
_The Black Echo_ (the first Bosch) were the best, even though there
are quite a few similarities between them that might make you wonder
if he's stealing from himself.

Nice report on events, BTW.


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