RARA-AVIS: Re: Humour and Hammer

Victoria Esposito-Shea (vmes@sbt.infi.net)
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 11:21:13 -0500 > Which makes me wonder: how do you guys feel about Spillane and Mike
> Except for a few mentions of the TV show (which I always found rather
> despite some decent scripts), I don't remember any discussion of the big
> palooka. As someone who probably ranks as one of the major forces in the
> hardboiled genre, Spillane's absence on this list is sort of glaring. I
> wouldn't rank him as high as Hammett and Chandler, but as an influence
> got to be right up there with Macdonald.
> What say youse?

Let me say up front that I've only ever read one of the Mike Hammer novels,
and it was a while ago, and I haven't the foggiest what the title was,
though I had the impression it was a relatively recent one. (I did used to
[sorry, grammar people] follow, and enjoy, the TV show, but hey. . .I was
in high school. I wasn't supposed to have any taste. :) )

But the one novel I did read completely disgusted me. I didn't like the
writing, I didn't like the plotting, and I absolutely couldn't stand the
treatment of women. When Hammer's standing next to a female D.A.
discussing a case, and his main preoccupation is with her, well, I believe
"titties" was the word used, I decided that this series was not for me, nor
ever would be. (And, lest I come across as some kind of harridan, let me
say that there are writers whose misogyny I can forgive, or at least
forget, for the sake of their writing. Chandler comes to mind right off.
Spillane just ain't that good.)

But hey, that's me.


Vicky Esposito-Shea
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