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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@total.net)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 10:07:31 -0500 >> The Trace/Digger books by Warren Murphy
>Yeah, why did he stop publishing these?? Suppose it was because he began
>making movies??

Maybe he gave them up because of the impending show, which tidied up the
character, made him more politically-correct. Couldn't do to have him clean
and sober on the tube fighting for custody of the daughter, while in the
books he's unrepentant, staggering around drunk, trying to avoid his
children, What's-his-name and the girl, and sleeping around.

>Denton, Texas?

Do Frank and Wild Bill know about this? Do they get a discount?

>> Oh, and The Rockford Files, a TV show that spoofed PI shows the way
>> Maverick spoofed westerns.
>This is an example of "then" and "now". I never thought those were
>parodies--I thought they were just another show at the time. Shows what
>I knew -then-.

Obviously, not all the Rockfords were parodies, but shows like those with
Lance White (Tom Selleck) had to be spoofs. Unfortunately, the producers of
Magnum, P.I. took them seriously.

And yeah, the Evanovich books aren't parody, (which is how the original
thread started) but they're at least as hardboiled as a lot of the other
books we discuss. Definitely not noir, though. I think of them (and a lot
of the others mentioned) as a great way to clean the hardboiled palate,
before diving back in to the buffet.

But I digress...

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