RARA-AVIS: Re: New Collection/Private Eyes

Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@total.net)
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:07:38 -0400 >From: "Frank Denton" <bearlodge@classic.msn.com>
>Subject: RARA-AVIS: New Collection

>I don't recall anyone mentioning this yet. There is a new collection of
>stories entitled PRIVATE EYES: Stories with a New Spin on a Hard-Boiled
>Tradition. It was edited by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins and has a
>Feb. 1998 publishing date. Mass Market Paperback from Signet. It has
>by Spillane, Pronzini, Kaminsky, Hoch, DeAndrea, Michael Collins and Max
>Collins, Healy, Randisi and several others. On the stands now.

Yeah, I saw it mentioned in a book club promo somewhere. It sounds like a
dream come true for PI fans. Evidently, the stories are all originals. I'm
keeping my eyes peeled.

I was looking through my notes and noticed that, starting with Randisi's
The Eyes Have It in 1984 and continuing through the Deadly Allies series,
there's been some kind of anthology of original private eye stories every
two years. What happened to 1996? Did I miss something?

Yours truly,
The Numerically Paranoid

Well, it's better than being called a Post Positivist, which kinda sounds
like a very politically and dietarily correct breakfast cereal (high in
moral fiber, I guess...)

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