RARA-AVIS: Noir Discussion in LA

Frank Denton (bearlodge@classic.msn.com)
Sun, 25 Jan 98 02:36:36 UT Just received a postcard announcement from Mysterious Bookshop in L.A. If you
live in the area you should be interested. Feb. 1 from 3-6p.m. a noir
discussion and lunch at the Stage Deli of New York in the Century City
Shopping Center. Cost $10. Participants in the discussion: Robert Polito,
George Pelecanos, T. Jefferson Parker, John Ridley, Don Herron, Terrell
Langford, Kent Harrington and Robert Ward. Pay in advance at Mysterious
Bookshop or at the Stage Deli door. Sounds like a winner. If you go take
notes and let us know.

Mysterious Bookshop also has signed copies of Don Herron's book, WILLEFORD,
for $30.

Yes, I know Otto slightly but I'm not a shill. I've known Don for a long,
long time.



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