Re: RARA-AVIS: No, Daly just writes badly

Wed, 21 Jan 1998 18:00:52 EST pretty well put...and just curious: how do they, or have they, reacted to Nick
Hornby's High Fidelity...(granted, it has nothing to do with hard-boiled/noir)
or to Andrew Vaschss???..i'm curious because some french kids in my family
that i saw at christmas in lyon loved both (they read hornby in english and
vaschss in french translation)...they were in 12th grade high school...
when is your class? and how long does it go (until march?) ...because i would
love to 'go back to school' for an hour or two sometimes if my crazy schedule
allows me to...and if that would be ok with you (i used to teach french in
romance lang. dpt. in 73-74) and i'm still very good friend with many in the
anthro dpt....
merci in advance for any info
steve novak
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