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Mario Taboada (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 22:13:23 +0000 Eddie Duggan:

> How hard-boiled can a *sensitive* dude with a girlfriend be?

Not very. For an extreme example of what the girlfriend can do to the
dude *and* to the reputation of the writer, look at what happened to
Robert Parker's Spenser...
> Also, there's all that annoying stuff about how much Stefanos tips, what
> he ate, what he listens to on the radio --- it feels like Pellecanos is
> very much aware of the reader looking over his shoulder, and he is
> *desparate* to impress, to have Stefanos do/think/say the right thing,
> listen to the right stuff, pass the label check. It's as if a very
> hefty dose of Brett Easton Ellis has been stirred in (_Less Than Zero_,
> not _American Psycho_).
> Maybe Pellecanos will lighten up, mature a bit as a writer, and
> concentrate more on writing than posing.
> If you want recent hard-boiled, try to find some of the Nick Sharman
> stories by Mark Timlin.

Or novels with an unredeemably bad guy as hero - as in Richard Stark's
Parker series. In fact, Parker has *none* of the qualities that the
sensitives would appreciate (but isn't "cherish" the cliche of choice
for sensitives?). This series must rank among the most hardboiled
writing ever. Mostly masterpieces, I would say. Has anyone read the
latest Parker?

Another newish hardboiled author that I enjoy very much is Jon Jackson -
tough, vivid, and not derivative or imitative (politely, "in homage") of
the older hardboiled writers either. I always buy Jackson's books
immediately after publication - I like to support him, since he seems to
be a major talent with original ideas.

Best regards,

Mario Taboada
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