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Fri, 16 Jan 1998 00:55:35 -0800 On 15 Jan 98, "SJHOLDEN.BSU_DOM" <S.J.Holden@qmw.ac.uk> wrote:

> A few years ago (c. 1991) Penguin published a comic-book version of TS =
> 'The Wasteland.' A strange enough choice for a comic book, but even st=
> was that it had been made into a hard-boiled narrative complete with a =
> called Marlow (or Marlowe). Did anyone else on the list ever read this=
, or is=20
> my memory playing extremely unkind tricks on me?=20

Must be a consensual hallucination. Actually, it's not Eliot's
_Wasteland_, but a very witty piss-take of that sort of thing [spits,

It's by Martin Rowson and is called _The Waste Land_ (London: Pengugin,
I have a copy of sitting here beside me that I picked it up for =A33.95 i=
the rather pricey second-hand bookshop at UEA. You could probably find
a copy for a couple of quid if you dig around in second-hand bookshops
long enough, especially the 'studenty' ones.

Actually, it's quite amusing, and I'm not an Eliot fan. I think it
would be enjoyed by the rara-avians, especially those with a literary
bent. The blurb on the back gives some flavour of what's inside:

It's April. And Los Angeles Private Eye Chris Marlowe's
partner's been murdered. Seems natural --- after all April
is the cruellest month, or so they say.

[...] Murder. Lust. Greed. Despair ... And Literary Criticism. =20
No wonder they called it The Waste Land.

It's great fun for playing spot-the-reference, jammed full of capital-L
literary stuff, film noir and detective fiction---probably more fun than
an episode of University Challenge. The artwork is pretty good too,
just right for the subject matter (better than Miller's _Sin City_
stuff, IMO---I much prefer Miller's 'proper' drawing in _Batman_).
Flicking though it now makes me think it might be better than I thought
it was when I first picked it up about a year ago---I think I'll read it
again ...

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