Re: RARA-AVIS: What Constitutes Hard-Boiled?

Roger Dowdy (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 14:02:21 -0800 Frank Denton wrote:
> Finally, I can=92t chime in with anything concerning THE DROWNING POOL.=
I have
> no idea where my paperback copy is. I checked my county library system=
> 49 libraries and though there are many Macdonald titles, THE DROWNING P=
OOL is
> not one of them. I even tried the University Book Store in Seattle, on=
e of
> our largest book stores and there was only one title, not POOL. But I=92=
> certainly enjoying the discussion so far and look forward to joining in=
on the
> next book.
> Frank,

Try the Seattle Mystery Bookstore downtown. They had multiple copies when=
I checked with them a few weeks ago.


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