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Etienne Borgers (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 22:39:40 +0800 (SGT) >While we're on the subject of hard-boiled graphics, I just want to put a
>plug in here for the wonderful online exhibit "Weegee's World," put up
>by the International Center for Photography. If there was ever an
>official hard-boiled photographer, Weegee was it. The ICP's web exhibit
>is very well designed, with lots of historical information and and
>reproductions of some of his most famous photographs. Be sure to visit
> for a good look at Weegee's world.
>James Stephenson
>Rare Books & Special Collections Cataloger
>McKeldin Library
>University of Maryland
>College Park, MD 20742

Thanks for the tip about the Web site! Nicely organized pages.
Agree with you. Weegee gave a certain view on crude street reality that is
not allien to hard-boiled material or Noir films. Anyway in today
presentations he is paralleled to Noir, and for obvious reason.

He was the photographer that inspired the film "Public Eye" with, by the
way, a HB/Noir filmscript. Joe Pesci as the photographer is even more real
than his model! Barbara Hershey is the lady of the story. Director: Howard
A good film IMO, even with some evident weaknesses in the script. I missed
it when released in 1992, by lack of promotion. Fortunately I found it by
chance collecting dust in a Laser Disc rental two years ago.


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