Re: RARA-AVIS: Stirring up trouble: Drowning and Connelly

James & Livia Reasoner (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:55:24 -0600 William Denton wrote (a couple of days ago):

> I picked up _The Poet_ a few days ago, remembering what you'd said
> about Connelly, Mario, and loved it. The plot is extremely compelling
> - it was unputdownable - and there was something a little odd - flat,
> maybe, but not in a bad way - about the narration that intrigued me.
> I'm surprised to see others here couldn't even be bothered to finish
> some of this other books but I'm going to give try the Harry Bosch
> series.

I'm one of those who couldn't be bothered to finish the only Connelly book
I've tried to read, and I probably am too quick to put aside books that
don't grab me right away. I'm sure I miss some good ones. But there are
just too blasted many other books waiting out there. I can't force myself
to continue with one that I'm not enjoying. What about the rest of you?
How far will you go in a book you really don't like before giving up on it?

James Reasoner
(shamelessly stealing this question from one of the romance novel lists)

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