RARA-AVIS: Author jacket photos

Roger Dowdy (rdowdy@sprintmail.com)
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:42:38 -0800 Has anyone else noticed the transformation of Robert Crais as evidenced
by the photos on his jacket covers? In the earlier books he's shown
wearing a Batman t-shirt and sunglasses on a busy, city street corner
[see _The Monkey's Raincoat_ (1987) and _Stalking the Angel_ (1989)]. His
second two books didn't have photos if I recall. Then _Voodoo River_
(1995) shows him with jacket and tie sitting behind a desk in a rather
professor-like pose (despite the Mickey Mouse toys on the bookshelf
behind him). And then in _Sunset Express_ (1996) he looks like he's
right out of Miami Vice wearing a white t-shirt with a suit jacket
standing on what appears to be a beach with palm trees. Now don't get me
wrong I enjoy Crais's books but what's the deal? Are these changes at the
suggestion of his publisher or is relative success to blame for this
apparent personality change. Any ideas?

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