Re: Re: RARA-AVIS: Ice Storm Refugee Checks In!

Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:27:37 EST i think that comics...which in this case should be kept under the 'grafic
novels' (BD) name, since 'comics' is SO marked within the US culture systems
(fun, walt disney, etc, etc...), is very very relevant when it comes to hard
boiled/noir novels, short stories, screenplays, much as
certain type of music, certain types of paintings, photographs...a whole
esthetics (may we say 'ideology of taste' without offending 'politically
correct' liberal and conservative ears) is in a continuum there and needs to
be addressed if any discussion of the writing is pursued. After all the pulps
and their covers, Hammett and his Secret AgentX-9, and without going through
the whole list, the Hard Looks of Andrew Vachss are prime examples throughout
the ages of grafic novels relevance to the rara-avis fact i have
recently discovered on the web a few very interesting sites for BD/grafic
novels, most of which are french sites but will welcome any suggestion about
us sites and any further discussion and/or suggestions of hard boiled grafic
novels...some of which litterally melt the ice!!!...
Best of luck to those involved in the nasty stuff in the northeast and
quebec...some of my friends are and it's is very hard on them and their
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