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Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:09:48 -0600 Myshmysh wrote:

> Which prompts a mention a hard-boiled mid-80s book called Grimjack which
> stretched _my_ conception of violence in the genre. Somebody died, often
> horribly, in every issue. Published by First Comics and created, I
> by Timothy Truman, it featured a PI named John Gaunt, nicknamed Grimjack
> account of his murderous disposition and nasty smile. He wandered
through a
> city called Cynosure that exists in every dimension at once, which
allowed the
> writers to change the laws of physics/nature at will. Fortunately, a
> works everywhere. There were femme fatales, corrupt politicians, missing
> persons, robberies gone wrong, illegal blood-sports, a seedy bar and
> pasts. Great stuff for a young teen and still loads of fun, though the
> arbitrary use of the cityscape started to annoy after a couple of hours.

If my memory is accurate (never a safe assumption) Grimjack was co-created
and scripted by John Ostrander. Truman did the art and in one issue drew
in a bookstore owner friend of mine as a tough, alien gorilla. Grimjack
was a good series, but Mike Grell's Jon Sable, Freelance was better--and
Grell was a more hardboiled writer.

James Reasoner
(skirting dangerously close to off-topic with this comics stuff)

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