Re: RARA-AVIS: Stirring up trouble: Drowning and Connelly

Mari Hall (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:02:06 -0600 I know that Robert O. Greer (a Denver M.D. pathologist who has two
mysteries to his credit in hard cover) make the remark that nobody
deserved a million $ contract more than Connelly. I read all the
Bosch-es and The Poet-not a Bosch) and although I loved the first one
and The Last Cyotee, didn't care for but those two. I think I liked the
first one (was that Black Ice??) because it had the Viet Nam vet
"tunnel" stuff in it and The Last Cyotee seemed to be almost a "finish"
for Bosch. I mean, he could send the series there.
If you really like "noir" (dark stuff) then what about Rhode Island Red
by Charlotte Carter? or Patricia Carlon (The Souviener and The
Whispering Wall).

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