Mario Taboada (
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 11:39:39 +0000 Not long ago I found a copy of Dark Ride in the cut-out shelves at the
Charlottesville Barnes and Noble. What drew my attention to it was a
strong blurb written by Michael Connelly, in which he praised the novel
and compared it to Jim Thompson. Given that Michael is a very sober guy,
I though the book should be worth reading. But I haven't got into it
yet; I'm going through a George Harmon Coxe period - ever since I bought
a box at an auction that had over thirty of his books! This guy could be
named "King of the Mid-boiled"...not brilliant but a consummate pro at
what he did for fifty years. There should be a special, hors concours
echelon for this kind of writer (Rex Stout belongs there too, I think).
I exit here, since I am clearly deviating from the hardboiled principles
that we swore to uphold.

Mario Taboada
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