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William Denton (buff@vex.net)
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 22:06:43 -0500 (EST) I don't think I've sent out reminders lately, but I know some people
remembered that _The Drowning Pool_ is coming up on Monday 5 January.
(I haven't been able to find another copy yet - my other is where I
can't get at it, but don't mind me.)

Just so we know what's next, I've picked out some of the books that
were suggested earlier, and here's a suggested calendar:

5 Jan 1998 - _The Drowning Pool_ (Ross Macdonald)
26 Jan 1998 - _The Killer Inside Me_ (Jim Thompson)
16 Feb 1998 - _The Talented Mr. Ripley_ (Patricia Highsmith)
9 Mar 1998 - _A Rage in Harlem_ (Chester Himes)

After this, if people suggest some newer hardboiled stuff, I think
those would be good to tackle. It occurred to me the other day that
perhaps newer hardboiled books don't have the subject matter of the
classics, while the books that do, and are supposedly hardboiled (like
Sue Grafton's series) aren't. Mario Taboada was recently very
eloquent in Usenet about James Crumley, and I'd like to try him again.

For the newer subscribers: the readings are fairly informal, and meant
to take you back to older books you may not have read in a while, and
to introduce you to writers you may not know. Subscribers range from
English professors and graduate students to people with a new interest
in the sub-genre, so discussion ranges all over, and any comments are
welcome. I will be automating a weekly reminder of what's on the
reading list.

The Ross Macdonald bibliography
(<URL: http://www.vex.net/~buff/rara-avis/biblio/rossmacdonald.html>)
shows that _The Drowing Pool_ is the second Lew Archer book, and was
published in 1950 under the name "John Ross Macdonald." The "John"
was dropped six years later, to stop confusion between him and John
D. MacDonald.


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