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Bill Hagen (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 11:32:33 -0500 (CDT) Tosh wrote, in response to renewed interest in Peter Lance's trashing of RA
>I was at the bookstore for his signing the night he wrote this statement to
>the list. He must be bitter for some reason. I think it was the martini
>speaking, yet that is no excuse for rude behaviour.

Those interested in the original responses to Mr. Lance might consult the
July archives, when they are up, especially those listed as "Vanishing of
Lance" or "Vanishing Lance." I proposed it was more than martinis--but I
was taking liberties with the available evidence, in the spirit of what
fictional fun can be made when one is Insulted and the Insulter has "left
the room." (What else can a wimp do?)

The renewed interest shows, perhaps, just how Polite and Genteel we usually
are on this list! A factor often noticed about readers of "cosy" or
English-intellectual mysteries, but not often noticed about readers of
hard-boiled. I'll stop before I drown in waves of Good Feeling.

(It's good to be off the road and reconnected. Now to catch up with the

Bill Hagen

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