Re: RARA-AVIS: Red Wind: homoerotics & mastubatory closure

Eddie Duggan said..

>Marlowe, there is a tendency to de-sexualise or avoid sexualised encounters
>with female characters

To the extent that when I read the passage where Marlowe and Mrs. Barsaly 
are in the car and he "turned a little and took hold of her,"  I re-read 
it to fill in what happened.  Only when she "rubbed the back of her glove 
against her mouth" does the reader infer what transpired.  Chandler in 
his writing style often skips over passages of intimacy and says that he 
is not much interested in his character's private life.  In the "Simple 
Art of Murder" he notes that his hero "is nether a eunuch nor a satyr." 

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