RARA-AVIS: To quote or not to quote?

[SNIP every post, and the nested quotes, of the last three months of the

Of course every post to the list of the last three months is relevant to
this post, and really should be here so that everybody can scroll through
every word that's been written on the list, and 

I just said:
> every word that's been written on the list 

I just said:
> I just said
>>every word that's been written on the list

I think that makes the point]

Can I ask everyone to consider the wasted ascii codes that they're sending
around the world?
The size of the digest could, I suspect, be HALVED by judicious use of
Also, it annoys the nuts off me to have to scroll though the same stuff day
after day.

PLEASE:  If your quote is longer than your post, think TWICE before

Bill: is it possible to set up a routine to check for quotes that outweighs
new material?
I really think there ought to be something to help those who can't or won't
use restraint (like a bounce routine)

The problem seems to be getting worse, and IMO the list is suffering for

So PLEASE REMEMBER rara-avisers, when I flame you, you'll take it and like
it ;-)


Eddie Duggan
BTW Be warned: if I find the above quoted in its entirety, I'll email a
*severe* reprimand to the culprit.  
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