RARA-AVIS: The Glass Key

It's my extreme pleasure to announce that a first edition (in a second
state dust-jacket) of _The Glass Key_ (1931) has been added to the
University of Maryland's growing collection of Maryland genre fiction. 
This copy comes with an interesting provenance, having once belonged to
Walter Gibson, aka "Maxwell Grant", the author of nearly 300 Shadow
novels.  This copy will be on view through May and June as part of the
exhibit "Hard-Boiled Books: Four Crime Writers from Maryland."

Because it's in a second state dust-jacket, we were able to pick up the
book at a "bargain" price: $750, from Quill & Brush.  This truly is a
bargain if you consider that _The Glass Key_ in a first state d.j. was
offered in the current James Pepper catalog for $6500!
James Stephenson
Rare Books & Special Collections Cataloger
University of Maryland at College Park
Email: js272@umail.umd.edu
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