RARA-AVIS: hardboiled definition and Chandler readings

I think that Ross Macdonald had a great definition of what a hardboiled
story is in The Way Some People Die when Archer says, "She lived in a world
where people did this or that because they were good or evil.  In my world
people acted because they had to...the things you had to do in my world
made you good or evil in hers."  

I had a chance to re-read The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye recently.
Chandler does not age with time nor does he lose anything if you are
working through the books for the umpty-ump time.  The Big Sleep is an
exciting story with real characters, but not too much of that LA setting
that Chandler is so often tied to.  The Long Goodbye is a great male
bonding story, again with great characters.  It does have that sad scene
where the author tries to committ suicide, and we now Chandler tries the
same thing.  Sad.

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