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According to Hubin, Dewey was Brandt but Hubin does not list the Wainer.
Do you have any idea what the title might be?

>Thomas B. Dewey, 37 novels
>* Pseudonyms:
>* Tom Brandt (2 novels)
>* Gord Wainer (1 novel)

> Singer Bats, 4 novels
> Hue And Cry, 1944
Add a "t" to the Bats--it's Batts. The British title for Hue and Cry is The
murder of Marion Mason.  It was also published as Room for murder by Signet
in 1950.
Additional titles are:
As good as dead (1946)
Mourning after (1950)
Handle with fear (1951)

> Mac, 17 novels
>Draw The Curtain Close (also: Dame in Danger), 1947
Every bets a sure thing, 1953
>Prey For Me (also: The case of the murdered model), 1954
The mean streets, 1955
The brave, bad girls, 1956
You've got him cold, 1958
The case of the chased and the unchaste, 1959
>The Girl Who Wasn't There (also: The girl who never was), 1960
How hard to kill, 1962
A sad song singing, 1963
Don't cry for long, 1964
Portrait of a dead heiress, 1965
Deadline, 1966
>Death And Taxes, 1967
>The King Killers (also: Death turns right), 1968
>The Love-Death THing, 1969
>The Taurus Trip, 1970

> Pete Schofield, 10 novels
>And There She Stops (also: I.O.U. murder), 1957
>Go To Sleep, Jeannie, 1959
>Too Hot For Hawaii, 1960
The golden hooligan (also: Mexican slayride), 1961
>Go, Honeylou, 1962
The girl with the sweet plump knees (1963)
The girl in the punchbowl, 1964
Only on Tuesdays, 1963
Nude in Nevada, 1965

Hope this helps. Best, GWN.

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