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Eddie Duggan kindly listed up the stories in THE HARD-BOILED DETECTIVE,
edited by Herbert Ruhm (Vintage, 1977).  This anthology is a paperback
original published by the paperback line of Random House in the USA.. 
Besides the 12 stories listed by Eddie Duggan, the other two omitted from
the British edition are:

"Once Around the Clock," by George Harman Coxe (BM, May 1941)
"Five O'Clock Menace," by Bruno Fisher (BM,  March 1949)

Well, I am not an expert.  I just have a copy of INDEX TO CRIME AND MYSTERY
ANTHOLOGIES (G. K. Hall, 1990; copyright 1991), compiled by William G.
Contento and Martin H. Greenberg.  It sets you back $60.00, but if you
regard yourself as a mystery buff, it is worth it.  

Incidentally, Ruhm said to me off the record in 1977, the reprint rights to
two Hammett's stories cost a half of the payment for all the stories.  That
may be the reason why some hardboiled anthologies (such as THE MAMMOTH BOOK
OF PRIVATE EYE STORIES) don't have any of Hammett's stories.

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