RARA-AVIS: Walt Sheldon

I've got the pb of _The man who payed his way_ as well; it was first
published by Lippincott in 1955.  Here's the info on Sheldon from Allen
J. Hubin's _Crime fiction II_ bibliography:

Sheldon, Walter J. b. 1917. Pseudonyms: Shel Walker, Shelly Walters
The blue kimono kill (Gold Medal, 1965)
Devil's box (Lancer, 1968)
Gold bait (Gold Medal, 1973)
The house of happy mayhem (Banner, 1967)
The red flower kill (Gold Medal, 1971)
The rites of murder (St. Martin's, 1984)
The yellow music kill (Gold Medal, 1974)

It looks like he went in for those interminable secret-agent novels in
the 60's & 70's.

As Shelly Walters he wrote _The dunes_ (McKay, 1974), and as Shel Walker
he published _The man I killed_ (Lion, 1952) and _Tokyo escapade_
(Phoenix, 1955)

Jim Stephenson
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